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Downhearted Forest Of Avon
Within the frozen forest
Wades the distant death and her child
Shoal eyes try to search the crystal river
Seeking for her mirth so deep
Downhearted am I
The river has taken away my child
How downcast am I
The forest has taken away my child
Alone and far away from life
Her tears strengthen while wandering endlessly
Just as she wishes to go to sleep
Above her, a glimpse of the winter black swan
Downhearted am I
The river has taken away my child
How downcast am I
The forest has taken away my child
With no escaping gravity
How I wish to fly with the winter black swan
For my child, over shallows and through the abyss
How I wish to fly away
Downhearted am I
The river has taken away my child
How downcast am I
The forest has taken away my child
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 3 3
Quietus For A Requiem
Welcome home to a time that is none
A place for those who will never see or leave
Behind broken doors, my fallen sun
An empty womb that cannot conceive
In a narrow life, where do we run?
Alone in a place where I stand and unweave
Within these rusted walls, no truth can be done
A rotting room made by what dreams grieve
In this silent hearth, I cannot be
From the shattered window, tell me what I should see
Blinded thrice by the awaken sleep
Sad we live as a mere birthing sacrifice
Those they hear nevermore only weep
For liberty cannot come back twice
The air I breathe, a scorning disease
This darkened womb as my only memory
The constant memory that will never cease
Making you believe time will ever flee
In this silent hearth, I cannot be
From the shattered window, tell me what I should see
Dread to fear for eternity
Among all the burning dreams
I fear to dread for certainty
With all the deafening quiet screams
The memory is where I can only run
Aware the air I breathe will eventually cea
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 6 0
The Arrows Of Eros
Passion is what you seek
A heavenly charm resting in your soul
To catch the zest from a forlorn speech
An ode that's all in your head
Wishing for a crux of a lovely sound
The barren essence shalt search what it doth long
In a realm that harbors nary a loss
With in the pocket an arrow of Eros
Beware the mischief what a beast can do
His onus to capture a pith
With no missive written from his hand
His snatch hath all what can leave you apart
The fragile hearts ever wavering from
Dreams and wishes to dust and ashes
Those never sweeter nor ever pure
Are all it takes for him with no warning
Thy passion is what you speak
To heavenly charm what rests in a soul
With no mischief, which he casts
An ode captured from within your speech
Dreaming for the crux of such divine sounds
The barren essences take what all want
In the realm that harbors those in love
Within their pockets an arrow of Eros
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 4 2
After the nights were higher
Wishes only pray for
An answer why empty seeds
Are given no choice upon
The first awakening that should've been mine
No voice strong to whisper
Weak lust covered in vivid dreams
Weeping in the lifeless day
For my only rest searching
For a home birthed from care
Senses left pouring by two-faced zeal
Defenses ever numb in faithless cathedrals
And I am gone, in a faceless world
Everything is gone, in heedless vanity
And tonight, the hollow earth seems to
Away, we hurt
Bounded love and tender touch
Retracted from a broken heart
Through the innocence of a child
Birthed from hydras unforeseen
In memories, they watch the blooms burn
Consequences never healing by
Relentless numbing, in deathless steeples
And I erase what's now a breathless world
Everything erased in needless vanity
Tonight, the hollow earth will now
Away, we hurt
The world falling for life
My time calling for hope
Have dreamers cast every yarn-colored dream
And search for every aurora in
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 5 0
Aurora Wolf
We bathed in beauty every night
The moonlight once overlooked the weeping savior
All Edens falling for eternity
Come calm the mourning mountains
The aurora wolf hunting for the skies
In search for those days that are gone
This naked dream will forever be the calling
Baptize me to stone in divine waves
Lady by fallen dreams never seen
Roaming stories read in tragedy
Lullaby leading me to the sea
Bound in Winter for life
All dreams are made from the first
From the third, from the last
One minor sight can turn into a major trance
But sometimes a reach adrift cannot seize
Every breath paints a picture
Tales said with no ending
The wolf's song prayed for the Lord
Creates an aurora to find the haven
Lady by fallen dreams never seen
Roaming stories read in tragedy
Lullaby leading me to the sea
Bound in Winter for life
The year aged in a pure heart forever
In the eyes wishing for lore and loss
The taste of red wine still intoxicating
By a passing touch that was not much
Lady by fallen dreams n
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 5 2
Still Grace Agony
From my lasting coffin of bars
Innocence weeps only for thee
Stranded dolls in downcast stars
Longing for a mother to set them free
The uninvited paled from the poisonous womb
First snow falls over my last home
No hearth concealed in this tomb
Without a name beauty can never roam
My prayer thrice said with lore
But the journey I sailed is home nevermore
Bosoms that have never nursed
Dying children in search for parity
Forsaken mark a kiss has cursed
A haven that's without verity
For the love free from care
The child will sleep beneath the gloom
In silence made so aware
With the lost youth in my room
My prayer thrice said with lore
But the journey I sailed is gone evermore
Vultures feed on my earth
That was left after the last sigh
The deity who once gave my birth
Will be the fate for the sojourn to die
My prayer thrice said with lore
But the journey I sail is now forevermore
Vultures feed on my earth
That was left after the last sigh
The deity who once gave my birth
Will be the fate if
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 4 0
Paletide Fantasy
The burning Phoenix falls asleep
Tucked underneath the wintry ashes
Resting now in her care
Colors fade from her grasp
Time frozen for a brief eternity
An enticing sojourn has come back home
In a white finis is a pure journey
A crystal fantasy in the white seas
Is another tale daring to be known
Its hymn forever calls with memory
Cascading echoes in vivd longing
In the vast hearth someday passion will roam
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 4 3
The Falling Of The Pariah
"For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face
Now I know in part, but then I will know fully
Just as I also have been fully known
- 1 Corinthians 13:12
A shepherd's gathering becomes his ebb
He separates prophecies, not seeing my face
Tales written by the snowy seers
Built for every earth
Hearken the king's brethren of the hunters
Parting deliverance from acumen of this land
Hallowed harbor, torn before his stare
The followers melded in wickedness, his delight
Darkness cannot see the truth for final resolves in need
His blessed finis never my betrothed
Wardens around earth will always know but not I
Voided bodies awake to serve under dire power
Bearing apathy for the funeral of their slumbering souls
I stay for the keeper has banished
Dumah now lives in me
Mirrored waters showing a faint reflection
Woven wool forever the night
I stay for the idol has angered
Cassiel now heeds in me
Darkness cannot see the truth for final resolves in need
His blessed finis never my be
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 2 0
Every stone left turned
Clear waters remain untouched
Elsewhere, eyes hold the mysterious world
Calling for the skies that guard the secret night
Tragedy seducing the dark
Just one taste of a tale
If I were to muse my ecstasy
May it fly before the story weeps
Gazing to the woe
Dancing oracles that glow
With the eternal merry-go-round, I shall stay
Before they say all is too late
Tragedy seducing the dark
Just one taste of a tale
If I were to muse my ecstasy
May it fly before the story weeps
Coward born under the waning moon
Destined with poetry, her betrothed
Longing to hear guitars play
Storying a poem's wanderlust
Forever in storylust
Fallen moral planes
Ongoing discoveries
Soaring through fantasies created by
The traveller's weary mind and an inkless pen
Tragedy seducing the dark
Just one taste of a tale
If I were to muse my ecstasy
May it fly before the story weeps
Forever in storylust
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 14 6
Enviable Phantom Love
I. Sojourn
Sparkle the same song
In stars away the ghostly night
Journeys in every dreamful hour
Before the day takes the memory away
Scent from the siren's call
Mere fantasies left in pine
Free they shall be
With a cradle coffin in chains
My love is only for you
My sin is forever with you
You are the one to take me
Before my death is gone forever
Heave the reign a fallen sojourn
Bring the lullaby once heard long ago
Only in poems I can wish
For everything I used to be
Greet me from the dark path
Would you take my hand and lead away?
My love is only for you
My sin is forever with you
You are the one to take me
Before my death is gone forever
And the sky turns red
Red as mankind sins
II. Free Fallen Way
I hear a voice calling for me
From all the loss and longing
A widowed heart without care
Carried away in the arms of zeal
The free fallen way revived from the deep
The purest of songs sang to me
Tell me what needs to be shown
Hold still in the love of December
This is what we will rememb
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 1 0
Wade In Sojourn
All the sights ever in view
I saw them through the pages in time
Though to memory, not all I can recall
But may they forever be in good hands
Every breath I took, quivering still
They weep for my going away
Maybe someday I will return
Alas, weary travellers must end all tales
And see me through your sojourn with awe
For the time when one way parts
Hear me say as I wade in sleep
Farewell and good journey to you all
All the sparks ever in zeal
They heard me through all frozen moments
While did they caress these rivers back to life
May you ever become one with the wind
And the tears I've shed, shivering still
They wish you to last one more day
I'll be waiting for you to welcome back
Us travellers smiling in a dream that's so frail
And see me through the sojourn in awe
For the time when one way parts
Hear me say as I wade so deep
Farewell and good journey to you all
Farewell and good journey to us all
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 5 2
Symphony And The Ardor
Your seduction becomes His scorn
The beauty dressed so lorn
Virgin snow surrounded by
The night heard in sigh
First hope can only dare
Your greed without care
From you in a toxic trance
From me with this dire dance
Eros praying for a bride
Entwining lust with such pride
Passion's games are all a dream
For they are not always what they seem
Tales carve on my skin
The apple and unbound sin
May taste unmask the moon
And see me in the lagoon
Poison from your thighs
Your God will soon baptize
My soul once a curse
The wickedness now in verse
Eros praying for a bride
Entwining lust with such pride
Passion's games are all a dream
For they are not always what they seem
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 5 0
Just As Wicked
Accompanied by silent tunes
With fear of becoming what none should be
Past times witnessed by the snake and his scorn
Birthed by unseen gods in the world's dark womb
For once there was no want
In the death that floated many a year before
Ghosts followed by the naked hunger
The martyr asked if anyone could hear
Linking great fear and the 5th ebb
The agony could've made me scream
But no one was there that could hear
Journeys embraced the ghosts of past times
For the craven wished for none just as wicked
Home in frozen lands now stranded
An uninvited sacrament stood from afar
The day seers foretold who would see his face
Created in the kingdom's eternal gloom
For once there was no fear
Of ancient realms that ruled soulful thralls
Prey weaken by the craving desire
The gethsemane pleaded under Adam's tree
Severing doom and deliverance
The agony could've made me scream
But no one was there that could hear
Journeys embraced the ghosts of past times
For the craven wished for none just as wicke
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 4 0
A demonic illness has made me its obsession
Becoming a victim in its deadly reign
With the longing to kill me without repression
For what's evil hates those who are not in vain
The only way to fight is a medical exorcism
That heals those who are stuck in a mental bane
Alas, fighting the disease can cause an ironic paroxysm
It thrives on beliefs that depression is what people feign
The demon stands in the darkness of my mind
And cackles at my regrets to keep control
Its ever growing strength only leaves me angry and blind
In order to take to hell my soul
Because this demonic illness, this wretched depression
Is my depronic possession
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 3 2
Sonnetriumesque II
I am but full of dreams and longing pain
A slave untrue as these words now narrate
Taken for granted by the art in vain
They hurt me so whenever they create
I have become weak in time eternal
Now, with the painful ink, I long for rest
Fearing art will not be ripe yet vernal
In the years that left everything repressed
Jaded by the chains of harsh creation
I may not be human, but I do wish
What makes me feel in painful frustration
Someone such as youself who is selfish
Don't worry about yourself and refuse
The power within art that is your muse
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 1 0
Forever Gone
The last blooming flower in springtime
Falling first in such hideous paradise
My scenery washed in blood
My children forever trapped in
My centurium universe
Innocence is gone once again
All hopes were high
Covered in the vast velvet symphony
Now all poetry must end with no end
Forever migrating with swans
I hope my poems will redeem me
Falling arrases are what my death becomes
Vaticide holds poets in pain
Unfulfilled dreams now taken away
The last poem I was gone
All hopes were high
Covered in the vast velvet symphony
Now all poetry must end with no end
Forever migrating with swans
I hope my poems will redeem me
Falling arrases are what my death becomes
Forever migrating with swans
Soon my death will become poetry
Petaloso love is now forever gone
"Time allows a story to be grounded
Plot is merely a life's journey
And you, the character, drives the plot
Your death is now your poem
"A story is truth, the world and you
With a setting that is home for your story
That is made b
:iconstargazerium:Stargazerium 6 6

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Musical background:
My father comes from a very musical family, so I can say I got the musical genes from his side. I've been playing music ever since I was a baby. I used to bang on the piano keys when I was still in diapers! But no, I've been playing the guitar ever since I was about 11, but I started to actually take lessons at school when I was about 15, and I've been teaching myself every since. I sometimes play the bass and the piano, but the guitar is my specialty :)

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Only in art is the way to be subtly artless yet openly artful

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Germany, Finland, the UK and Japan

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1: Play N Go from Watch Dogs 2
2: Say No To This from Hamilton
3: Candy Store from Heathers
4: Inside by Warmer
5: All I Ever Wanted by The Airborne Toxic Event

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Songs
1: Ever Dream by Nightwish
2: Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel
3: Comptine D'un Autre été L'après from the Amelie soundtrack
4: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac
5: Kashmir by Led Zeppelin

Top 5 Favorite Albums:
1: Century Child
2: Black Market Music
3: Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
4: Placebo
5: Rosenrot

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1: Nightwish
2: The Beatles
3: Rammstein
4: Placebo
5: Sabaton

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1: The Godfather
2: Schindler's List
3: Memoirs Of A Geisha
4: Nymphomaniac
5: Heathers

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1: Futurama
2: Ghost Adventures
3: Bob's Burgers
4: Forensic Files
5: (Old) CSI Las Vegas

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1: Classic Super Mario games
2: Donkey Kong Country
3: Mafia II
4: Skyrim
5: Silent Hill

Top 5 Favorite Anime:
1: Cowboy Bebop
2: Mai-HiME
3: Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
4: Ergo Proxy
5: Kill La Kill

Top 5 Favorite Lyrics Written:
1: Naked Among Wolves
2: Once Upon A Fable
3: Moondance Harp
4: Oceanheart
5: Stargazerium
1: The Archer
- False redemption, sharp tongues that lick and cut wounds that's forevermore bleeding, never to be healed. In all truth, we're all archers who slaughter each other, but choose to blame the other when the fault belongs to all of us

2: Blacksmith
- A blacksmith who dies at war, holding his own weapon, that he made, in his own hand.

3: Fountain Of Dreams
- The title was borrowed after I was playing a video game that had a battle stage called "Fountain Of Dreams". I do not fully understand what the song is about. Something about a beautiful, fantasy-like mystical world, with purple waters and dolphins, and perhaps a ruler that was defeated.

4: Troubadour's Blue Serenity
- Wishing for the true home you had and cherished as a child.

5: Daughter Of The Snowshore
- A dreamful missive about wanting to be by a wintry seashore

6: I'm Not Jesus
- It's a personal piece about people using me up to an advantage to complain about stuff, and asking for my help, when they can do it themselves. If I reject or give them my honest advice, they treat me like I'm a bad guy, because they seem to expect every answer they wish to hear. But damn it, I'M NOT JESUS. I AM NOT YOUR GOD.

7: Ghostly Barren Lust
- About my asexuality.

8: Ghost Of An Era
- A story about a dreamer gazing over the sea, imagining a forgotten war that took place eons ago, yet perhaps it's still remembered.

9: Young King's Tomb
- Egypt! I love Egypt, and so very fond of its stories and forgotten tales. After seeing The Mummy as a child, I've been interested about Egypt ever since, especially about Tutankhamun.

10: Poet's Love Story
- A dedication about a poet's love and inspiration given by a fantastic poet and musician.

11: Long For An Eros
- A terrible romance telling both sides of whom are victims, but also the causes.

12: Mother Nature's Tears
- A song about the Perseids.

13: Wolfrum
- A song about war and wolves! The title was originally called Wolf Creek, but one day when I was driving, I saw a street sign called Wolfrum, which gave me an idea!

14: The Sinner's Creation
- About the deepest, darkest sins and desires that human beings have.

15: Snow Siren's Song
- It's about myself and how I want people to remember be of, nothing more.

16: Love So Deep
- A personal piece, and a personal favorite. A cliche about unrequited love, with a bit of hope.

17: Come To Me
- Nothing special about this one. A romantic poet's way to confess love to another, I guess. It's just one of those songs that I get very specific visions about. There has to be a specific way of some sort when describing poets in love.

18: A Poet's Hand
- Another song about a specific vision, about a romantic poet. In this case, it's about a poor poet at a masked party, seeing a delicate, beautiful maiden dressed in red.

19: Sahara
- Another dedication about the wonders of Egypt, and this time, Sahara!

20: The Siren
- A sailor hears a beautiful voice humming, but has no idea where it's coming from. The voice seems to follow him everywhere, yet he also doesn't know where he's at.

21: Cerulean Love
- The longing to revisit childhood sea memories one more time

22: Once
- Once you meet, everything falls.

23: Palebound Reverie
- A lyric about my childhood and adolescence.

24: Weak Paradise
- About an ongoing war of life all together, whether it'd be man against Gaia or vice versa, one against themselves, life against death, anything against anything

25: Oceanheart
- A poet's love for the sea, and the snow.

26: The Well Of Love
- A personal piece about my memories of being with Winter and her mystical, pure powers.

27: Nemo
- Feeling lost, not being loved, remembered, or even understood - just an absolute nobody.

28: Dreamer Of The Dark
- Sadness, dreaming, and loneliness in the dreary night.

29: Redemption To Temptation
- Love lies, and that's what hurts. Not the pain.

30: Last Crusade
- Things seem to be healing, and the pain becomes the last crusade.

31: Eyes From Astral Flames
- Nothing specific; just wanted to write something about magical, romantic fantasy.

32: Bittersweet Zeal
- Love for someone is so agonizing, yet there's that hint of hope.

33: Movie In Your Eyes (poem)
- A poem about wanting to have somebody, but it will never happen

34: Escapist
- A feast about escapism!

35: The Water Carrier
- Sister song of The Archer, but about greed and arrogance, and hoping to heal, but will have scarred memories.

36: Never Rest
- Crying for help, calling for help, yet never giving up.

37: Another Soldier Lost
- A lyric about a soldier's view in war.

38: Queen And The Velvet Sea
- This one has a specific story behind it! Men are in love with the beauty in the sea, but she treats them wickedly, with apathetic tendencies. The men suffer, yet they're still infatuated, and will continue to suffer, just for her.

39: Dying Innocence
- Losing innocence is the hardest things in life. You wish for innocence and purity, and don't want to die a scarred heart.

40: Wanderer's Fairytale
- You're wandering, and you think you found what you've been looking for, but turns out to be not true, thus you continue to soul-search again.

41: Untitled
- I have absolutely no knowledge about this piece. No title, and no meaning. It's just a piece I wrote for someone, for her school assignment.

42: The Poet's Diary
- Story of my life. My private diary all about when I lost everything in my life, how it happened, and how it affected me. It's heavily influenced by Nightwish's The Poet And The Pendulum, up to being a huge rip-off. The song, and writing this lyric, comforted me when I was most desperate, and I thank them both for that.

43: Let's Mourn Together
- A dedication to the late Ronnie James Dio.

44: Martyr Of The Free World
- Constant suffering, up to the point so undeserving, that you think you deserve all the suffering.

45: Die To Feel Alive
- Sometimes it's best to let go of the best things, even if it's temptation, just to move on. It hurts, but in the end, it's refreshing. You just have to die to feel alive.

46: Autumn Snow Eyes
- About someone who has the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen.

47: Hallowed Not Thy Name (poem)
- Personal poem about suffering from abuse as a child.

48: Higher Hopes
- It's best to be grateful to those who truly love you.

49: Inferno's Night
- You want to let go of something, but that temptation keeps pulling you back. It feels like a dark hell that you just can't break chains from.

50: Took Life To Death's Door
- Lust, melancholia, and acedia! Greed for lust, but also full of sorrow, all because you care about is lust, and not enough to take care of yourself!

51: Sleepless
- An apology missive.

52: Sing To The Winter Black Swan
- A mixture of memories, and yearning for various things, due to suffering that seems eternal.

53: End Of Innocence
- Can innocence be reborn? Can one ever find happiness again?

54: Peace In Hell
- Letting go of temptation can hurt and feel like hell, but you also feel internal peace.

55: Hero Of A Harrowing Winter
- A tribute about the death of John Lennon, and a dedication to the past agonizing 30 years of his death.

56: Stargazerium
- My signature song! A song with a story. A man, who is a father and a son, is at war, and he's scared. He constantly prays to God, asking to forgive all of his sins, from his past or his time of the war, because he fears that he's going to die. Near the end of the war, eventually an angel appears before him, telling him that he's been forgiven, and is saved. The warrior is relieved about it, feels more at peace, and begins to dream, to stargaze.

57: Naked Among Wolves
- I consider this as my masterpiece. Another song about war and wolves! A man, raised by wolves, is at war against his own kind, fighting alongside with his wolves. He vows, by howling naked among wolves, that he and the wolves will have victory, even if he dies naked among wolves.

58: Pacific Sailor
- Daughter lyric to The Siren, about the same man who still wonders about that voice. It also reveals that he's a lonely sailor, forever sailing the oceans. He has no home, no family, nothing but only the seas and whitecaps that sail with him. And perhaps the mysterious voice he keeps hearing.

59: Century Children
- A dedication to the poor children in Norway who lost their lives after a blonde man shot them at an island youth camp.

60: Precious Darkly
- Why does everything beautiful die, but everything ugly lives on?

61: Catharsis
- A, well, catharsis about one remembering childish fears, dreams, views and so on. Sometimes such catharses that were in childish nightmares I had as a kid creates a catharsis and an odd sense of calmness while remembering the smallest things that stuck to memory

62: Whenever There's The Night
- Another lyric about Winter and her gorgeous purity!

63: Once Upon A Fable
- Another one of my all-time favorites. This song tells about memories that happened in the past, being all the stories that have been told of your life, but there are unread stories on a dusty shelf about your future. Sometimes your stories are dark, and what you wished for that was real wasn't real, and it grieves you, so you just go into your world and think about fables that you would like to happen in your waking life.

64: Symphonic Beauty
- Love and romance are works of art, and you wish for that special someone to join that work of art with you.

65: Sailing Gethsemane
- Part 3 of my accidental sailor story! This time the story reveals that the sailor visits the graves of his parents, whom are buried on a desolated, green cliff, from an island. Once again, he is lonely, but the mysterious voice he always hears comforts him by saying that the ocean is his home, and that he should rest.

66: Poem Of Life (poem)
- A long poem about various things in life. Things about the rare real meanings of love, the truth about one viewing life, the burning passion to soul-search around the world, so on, hence "Poem of Life".

67: Moondance Harp
- This was written during my burnout/severe writer's block. During my break, I had a lot of notes for safe-keeping in case I ever had an idea to write something, and a thought came to me: Why not take all those notes and make them into one song? And that's how the song stated was created - just a bunch of unrelated notes waiting to be seen in lyrical stories. A lot of the words are scrambled around, so it's hard to explain what the song is about.

68: Bedtime Story
- I'm not satisfied with this piece. It was more of an experiment. I wanted to experiment the use of different languages when it comes to writing. The languages are Finnish, German, Greek, Latin and English. The big picture of the song is simply about one sleeping, thinking back about events that happened in the past, from darkest times, to most longing times, etc, hence "bedtime story".

69: Beast Of The Beauty
- Things like love and faith, they can be ugly to experience, since some people deal with them in the wrong ways. The song is saying that the world really needs truth, bliss, hope and innocence are all what mankind needs. Love, faith, among other emotions and traits have been tarnished. There's too much lust in the world. One has seen lust so many times, that there's nothing left to learn about it. One prefers to learn more about truth, bliss, hope and innocence more than love, faith, beauty, etc.

70: Frozen Crystal Hymn
- A more of a sad song of Winter. I love Winter so much. Some time last year I moved half across the country to a State where the crystal feeling of Winter doesn't really happen, same with snow. It saddened me so much that I had no choice but to write more of a sad Winter song.

71: Bluesque Illusion
- Blue is one of the best colors out there. Blue always held a personal meaning for me, since God knows when. One waits for that certain moment to come, to be free and elated, to find what's left of loving from what life has left for us.

72: Plutonian Phantasm
- Inspired by Fleetwood Mac's Landslide, a favorite childhood song. This piece is about a personal childhood memory involving mirrors and ditching identity.

73: Wicked Elysium
- Love for lust, lust for love - a lyric about passion in a dark, sinister tone. I honestly think the song is a lot more erotic than it's supposed to be!

74: Hands That Heal
- Feeling lost, feeling hopeless, feeling empty, feeling like you're done with everything in life because you've lost passion completely - all you can long for now are hands that heal.

75: Crystallized Symphony
- After seeing Disney's Frozen, I'd been inspired to write a Winter lyric, thanks to the song Let It Go, about my past with Winter and her crystal ecstasy. The lyric also shows hope about returning to see Winter again someday. I had to borrow the line "The cold never bothered me, anyway" from that song.

76: Here's Not The Heroes
- Another war song, about warriors at war, but they're cowards. They do not wish to die, and try to journey home, but the gods are mad at them for their cowardice and sins, that they won't guide them as heroes.

77: Perfectly Numb
- The title speaks for itself - the numbness of not feeling anything and the struggle and longing of trying to overcome the inability of feeling

78: Karmaura
- Life is repetitive, especially when one is depressed and suffering. You try and try, but in the end, you always feel like you're in the same place, as well as feeling like you're in an ongoing spiral.

79: Amaranthine (poem)
- Things in the physical world don't last for a long time, and eventually you will have to say goodbye. But when it comes to memories, it's never a forever goodbye.

80: Dead Gardens
- Title taken from Nightwish's song of the same name. It's just a simple piece for someone, about trying to sow redemption to someone in need.

81: Mermaid Swamp
- It's a cliche about going to temptation that's very enticing, but in the end, redemption will help you find a way.

82: She
- A tribute for a transgender woman named Leelah Alcorn, who unfortunately committed suicide just days after Christmas, because of her abusive, neglecting devout Christian parents.

83: Last In The Wilderness
- A remake of one of my old lyrics. It's mainly about wanting to go back to a place where you felt most fulfilled, but know that those times will never happen again.

84: Sincubus (scrap piece)
- Lack of passion for so long, that you end up longing for those from your past that brought out the best in you.

85: Dreament Barren
- Title is a mix of "dream" and "pigment", which could mean "the act of dreaming", kind of like the term "refreshment". A wish to travel and dream beyond the world.

86: Dead Reverie
- Giving up hope on revisiting and reliving where you felt most happy. Because of that, you dwell on such sadness, and with no hope, you're back at dwelling on haunting memories after where you felt most content helped keep those bad memories at bay. Truth is though, you must move forward, and find other things to keep you happy. Truth hurts, and life hurts. There's no use to make up false truths to conceal your pain. Lies are but death parades for human beings, and death serenades on fallen ears.

87: The Sacred Symphony
- A sad missive about one's bad relationship with parents, but part of you still loves them, and you long to be a family, to have that love that every offspring should have.

88: Sleepwalker's Land
- A ripoff of Nightwish's Sleepwalker. It talks about how sleep and dreaming can just be so comforting, and how much you feel better when you have a great dream. Your subconscious is your very home, and it's a great escape when you're asleep, and having a nice dream.

89: In My Alsatia
- I'm aware that "Alsatia" was a sanctuary for criminals, and that the term means "where law cannot reach". It was both a positive and negative thing. In this case, Alsatia is a sanctuary that is your mind. You're free to live in your mind, lawless and limitless, positive and negative; however, sometimes there's a lot of strict and sometimes bad influences that can tarnish the free will of your mind: laws, causing restriction and limitation to be planted in your mind. In time, hope and ambitions seem limited and pointless. Escaping into your own mind doesn't seem to tranquil anymore, because all that guilt and sadness dared to see you in your Alsatia.

90: Fools Die (scrap piece)
- It's hard to forget, and it's hard to forgive. All you wish for is to be your true self, but you've been made a fool to everyone, thus your true self is dead.

91: One Flew Over The Golden Avenue
- This piece has been inspired by a very vivid dream I had years ago. A dream about the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen, with the variety of scenery and wilderness, and rich, vivid colors. That dream has become my golden avenue.

92: Where I May Fall
- Probably one of my most depressing pieces, and one of those pieces that touch your very core. Sometimes I wonder that if I were to fall, would people applaud for me out of love, or out of rejoice? Would they ever miss me, or would they forget about me, all because they cannot understand why I'm always in melancholy?

93: Acrimony Of The Opus
- I have no idea what this piece is about, tbh. It was one of those random pieces I wrote blindly many years ago. I'll leave it for the reader to speculate.

94: Snowborn Dream
- Another winter lyric about painful longing to be with the crystal evenings again.

95: Amal
- A song about, well, hope. Keep looking and don't give up. Maybe there's someone looking out for you.

96: Revenant (poem)
- A poem about a true paranormal experience.

97: End Of The Opera
- Sometimes absolutely nothing appeals you, as if all dreams and life's music have come to an end.

98: Death Becomes A Poet
- Very personal about me saying how all things traumatic and dark made me become a poet.

99: The Horror Show
- About those times when you feel like you're nothing but a doll for someone else, much to your own horror.

100: Forever Gone
- A dedication to someone I once knew who passed away.

101: Just As Wicked
- Past traumas and childish fears can sometimes lead to a big problem. I went through an undisclosed time that caused me a lot of pain and fear, and yet I couldn't scream out, because I felt like no one was helping or at least concerned. Even at one point, I thought to myself that I would rather deal with other past pains than this. In the end, I figured that it was MY fight, and whether others were concerned or not, it was not fair for me to rely on help.

102: Symphony And The Ardor
- Another Nightwish-like ripoff song! Passion is all a game because you can never tell what's underneath one's mask. It's a risque lyric, about seduction, but after I rearranged it, it unintentionally became a lot more risque. Whoops.

103: Wade In Sojourn
- A tribute for my cousin and her other half who passed away.

104: Enviable Phantom Love
- This is a remake of one of my really old lyrics. The old version, I did not like, yet I had a soft side for it, and those who read it really loved it. I'll leave it up to the reader what the song is about.

105: Macrocossal
- Originally a scrap piece. The beautiful yet hideous changes and mysterious wonders of earth and beyond are simply fascinating.

106: Storylust
- About writer's block but also the passion and love of writing.

107: The Falling Of The Pariah
- Bit of a nonsense lyric. Religion is just not my strong-suit. I tried to use it as symbolism about loneliness and the feeling of being despised, but overall, the lyric doesn't make sense.

108: Paletide Fantasy
- Just another annual lyric, and a short one at that, because I was having writer's block and was lazy.

109: Still Grace Agony
- Much inspired by Rammstein's Mutter, both being about a bad relationship with mother.

110: Aurora Wolf
- There's that one time period that changed you, for the better, and you long to go back to that specific time, where you felt most happy, most fulfilled, etc. You're constantly searching for that same feeling you experienced in the past, but at the same time, you know that it'll never happen again. A dream comes with two longings: The one you have is what you long to share, created by the other longing you truly crave.

111: Hurt
- What hurts is that one never asked to be born when they never receive the love and care they truly needed, and what hurts is that sometimes one cannot heal the hurt they endured, so one has to hurt again by simply letting it all go all that vain hope.

112: The Arrows Of Eros
- The title is a simple play with words. This is a remake of a very old lyric, and it's a rip-off of Smashing Pumpkin's Cupid de Locke, with similar speech structure and all. The message is pretty simple: Love is passionate and love is horrendous. Follow your passion and don't fall into temptation.
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